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  1. Property is set by configuring the appropriate trust level in the
  2. Trust level settings for all asp . net applications on the server and the
  3. Class can be inherited by applications that run under any trust level
  4. Permission set , you must use one of the predefined trust levels defined in
  5. Or higher you can set custom trust levels in a web . config file using the
    或更高級別運行(您可以在web . config文件中使用
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  7. Trust , even if the level attribute specifies a different trust level
    屬性指定了不同的信任級別, asp . net請求也可能可以在
  8. Trust element specifies which trust level to apply to the asp . net application
    元素指定應用于asp . net應用程序的信任級別。
  9. Medium trust level in the
  10. The trust levels define the resources that are accessible to the application
  11. Other classes cannot be inherited by applications , regardless of trust level
  12. The policy file lists the set of permissions that are granted by each trust level
  13. The . config file contains the settings for each trust level used by the system
    . config文件包含系統使用的每個信任級別的設置。
  14. Which url you use depends on the trust level in which you are running report builder
  15. Element , so that individual applications are not able to specify their own trust level
  16. Section of a configuration file that maps trust levels to different policy files
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