1. These adjustments provide the two common methods of overclocking and underclocking a computer, perhaps combined with some adjustment of CPU or memory voltages ( changing oscillator crystals occurs only rarely ); note that careless overclocking can cause damage to a CPU or other component due to overheating or even voltage breakdown.
  2. Argus Monitor also measures the CPU core frequency and graphs it separately for each core--, making it possible to verify if the energy management is underclocking the CPU cores if they are in idle state or the new " Turbo Boost " mode of Intel Core i5 / i7 processors is working correctly.
  3. Users unlock CPUs to allow underclocking, overclocking, and front side bus speed compatibility with certain motherboards, but unlocking invalidates the manufacturer's warranty and mistakes can cripple a CPU . However, locking a chip's clock multiplier does not necessarily prevent users from overclocking, as the speed of the front-side bus can still be changed to provide a performance increase.
  4. Soft cooling is the practice of utilizing software to take advantage of halt instructions to turn off or put in standby state CPU subparts that aren't being used or by underclocking the CPU . While resulting in lower total speeds, this can be very useful if overclocking a CPU to improve user experience rather than increase raw processing power, since it can prevent the need for noisier cooling.
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