[ liángmò ] 讀音:   "糧秣"的漢語解釋   用"糧秣"造句
  • army provisions; rations and forage; grain and fodder 短語和例子


  1. Plough deeper and harvest more
  2. Evidence of this is that the majority of votes at the council were for adopting this course , and the commander - in - chiefs famous conversation after the council with lansky , the head of the commissariat department , is an even more striking proof of it
  3. After crossing by a forced march behind pahra to the tula road , the generals of the russian army intended to remain at podolsk , and had no idea of the tarutino position . but an infinite number of circumstances , among them the reappearance of french troops on the scene , and plans for giving battle , and most of all , the abundance of supplies in kaluga , led our army to turn even more to the south , and to pass from the tula to the kaluga road to tarutino , a central position between their lines of communication with their supplies
  4. And then after the adjutant comes the commissariat commissioner to inquire where the stores are to be taken , and the ambulance director to ask where the wounded are to be moved to , and a courier from petersburg with a letter from the tsar , not admitting the possibility of abandoning moscow , and the commanders rival , who is trying to cut the ground from under his feet and there are always more than one such proposes a new project , diametrically opposed to the plan of marching upon the kaluga road . the commanders own energies , too , require sleep and support . and a respectable general , who has been overlooked when decorations were bestowed , presents a complaint , and the inhabitants of the district implore protection , and the officer sent to inspect the locality comes back with a report utterly unlike that of the officer sent on the same commission just previously ; and a spy , and a prisoner , and a general who has made a reconnaissance , all describe the position of the enemys army quite differently
  5. Only one who has had the same experiencethat is , has spent several months continuously in the atmosphere of an army in the fieldcan imagine the delight nikolay felt when he got out of the region overspread by the troops with their foraging parties , trains of provisions , and hospitals ; when he saw no more soldiers , army waggons , and filthy traces of the camp , but villages of peasants and peasant women , gentlemens country houses , fields with grazing oxen , and station - houses and sleepy overseers , he rejoiced as though he were seeing it all for the first time


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