a amount of中文

發音:   用"a amount of"造句
  • 大量的
  • amount:    vi. 1.總計,共計,合計 (to ...
  • amount of:    等同于
  • amount to:    共計達;意味著;發展成; 合計,共計 ...


  1. With the development of information technology , the individuals , companyies , enterprises and state goverments are all dependent on computer systems more and more , a amount of important data are stored in computer system
  2. The neural network technology and feature abstraction method is combine to recognition the picture in this thesis , and the art - 2 neural network is adopted . did a amount of simple and involved experiments on picture recognition
    因此,本文作者將神經網絡技術同圖像特征提取相結合,采用art - 2型神經網絡技術對圖像進行識別,并進行了大量簡單和復雜圖像識別實驗。
  3. The numerical modeling and calibration considers the following aspects : the element types , the modeling of the weld , the modeling of the members and the behavior of material and geometrical non - linearities . 4 , in the parameterical study , a amount of joints with the variable joint parameters under different load - case are analyized . based on the analytical formula and the experimental and numerical results , design recommendation on the static strength for such connections are proposed
    ( 4 )參數研究:運用已經建立的數值模型,對平面x型和空間xx型相貫節點在各種工況作用下的靜力工作性能進行了大量系統的參數研究,并與現有設計指南和規范進行了比較,從中得出了各節點參數對極限承載力影響的一些規律。
  4. Third , after analysis of chinese human capital situations , the paper points out four problems : although having abundant labor capital , the amount of human capital is still at a low level owing to poor investment ; there is large difference among different area , industry and different ownership economy because of serious imbalance on economic developments ; misallocation of human capital leads to the low utilizing efficiency of quite a amount of it , and the main reasons come as follows : cognition problem , populations , insufficient investment , low efficiency and lack of mobility


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