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  • 阿本
  • 阿笨
  • ben:    n. 〔蘇格蘭語〕 (相連二室的)內 ...
  • be but and ben with:    與...有親密關系
  • ben:    n. 本〔男子名, Benjamin ...


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  1. Must a ben a raft uv m at it right along , all the time , amost
  2. " well , " he says , " if they d a ben some , i reckon i d a got one .
    “好啊, ”他說, “要是有的話,我看我準能打中一個。 ”
  3. " well , you wouldn t a ben here f it hadn t a ben for jim . you d a ben down dah in de woods widout any dinner , en gittn mos drownded , too ; dat you would , honey
  4. Nobody told me it was you ; but i just knowed it must a ben you , soon as i heard bout that whiskey business ; and i knowed you hadn t got the money becuz you d a got at me some way or other and told me even if you was mum to everybody else
  5. " why , dog my cats , they must a ben a house - full o niggers in there every night for four weeks to a done all that work , sister phelps . look at that shirt - every last inch of it kivered over with secret african writ n done with blood
    我跟頓拉貝大姐說了,我說” “說來真見鬼,要干完所有這些活兒,須得一屋子擠得滿滿的黑奴,用四個星期,每晚每晚地干,費爾貝斯大姐。


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