a busy street的中文翻譯

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  • 繁忙的街道
  • busy:    adj. 1.忙,繁忙的;無閑空的 ...
  • street:    n. 1.街,街道,馬路;〔美國〕( ...
  • busy street:    熱鬧的街道


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  1. I live with my family in a flat on a busy street
  2. This is a busy street
  3. The $ 5 stamp depicts this generation s tram winding through a busy street of hong kong in the 1970s
  4. Being rather bald , i have long been used to comforting myself on a visit to the hairdresser with the opening gambit , “ grass doesn ' t grow on a busy street
    每次去美發中心的時候,我總是以一句自我安慰的話,來提及我那近乎禿頂的腦袋, “繁華的馬路不會長草。 ”
  5. Eighty - eighth street is usually a busy street , especially during the summer . but sometimes , early in the morning and in the heat of the afternoon , it is quiet


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