a dolphin trainer中文

發音:   用"a dolphin trainer"造句
  • dolphin:    n. 1.【動物;動物學】海豚;海豚 ...
  • trainer:    n. 訓練者,教員;教練(員);調馬 ...
  • the dolphin:    海豚
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  1. A dolphin trainer
  2. His kids nicky stephen fung , a dolphin trainer at ocean park and natalie gillian chung , a highschool student , learn the art of kungfu from their father , but are unconvinced of their father s claim to a secret life as a heroic body guard for retired agents
    其子女n i c k y馮德倫飾與n a t a l i e鍾欣桐飾不屑老父常吹虛自己虛構的風光日子,兄妹之間亦互相藐視,一家人貌合神離。


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