a flat nose的中文翻譯

讀音:   用"a flat nose"造句
  • 扁鼻子
  • flat:    adj. (flatter; fla ...
  • nose:    n. 1.鼻;(動物)鼻口部;吻;嗅 ...
  • flat nose:    平頭彈; 平凸彈頭


  1. Nose : a wide nose with bulbous sides is a sign of arrogance , while a flat nose means you lack confidence
  2. He was an athletic , gigantic bandit , with large eyes , thick lips , and a flat nose ; his red hair fell in dishevelled masses like snakes around his shoulders
  3. It ' s bad enough that she was born with small eyes , a flat nose and freckles over her high cheekbones - all negative features , according to traditional chinese views of beauty , which praise large eyes , a small nose and a petite frame


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