a tight place中文

發音:   用"a tight place"造句
  • 險境, 困境
  • tight:    adj. 1.堅實的;堅固的,堅牢的 ...
  • place:    n. 1.地方,場所,處;所在,位置 ...
  • be in a tight place:    處境困難, 陷入困境


  1. I know you 're in a tight place again .
  2. Well , it s a kind of a tight place for becky thatcher , because there ain t any way out of it .
    她們意志薄弱,這一回她要挨揍了。貝基呀,貝基,你這一回在劫難逃。 ”
  3. Moreau would have been a prisoner if suvorovs hands had been free , but his hands were tied by the hofsskriegswurstschnappsrath ; the devil himself would have been in a tight place
  4. I says to myself , i reckon a body that ups and tells the truth when he is in a tight place is taking considerable many resks , though i ain t had no experience , and can t say for certain ; but it looks so to me , anyway ; and yet here s a case where i m blest if it don t look to me like the truth is better and actuly safer than a lie
  5. So tom s aunt polly , she told all about who i was , and what ; and i had to up and tell how i was in such a tight place that when mrs . phelps took me for tom sawyer - she chipped in and says , " oh , go on and call me aunt sally , i m used to it now , and tain t no need to change " - that when aunt sally took me for tom sawyer i had to stand it - there warn t no other way , and i knowed he wouldn t mind , because it would be nuts for him , being a mystery , and he d make an adventure out of it , and be perfectly satisfied
    當時費爾貝斯太太把我認作了湯姆索亞了她就插嘴說, “哦,罷了,罷了,還叫我薩莉阿姨吧,我已經聽慣了,就不用改個稱呼了。 ”我接著說,當時薩莉阿姨把我認作湯姆索亞,我就只得認了沒有別的路子嘛。并且我知道他不會在乎的,因為這種神秘兮兮的事,正中他的下懷,他會就此演出一場冒險,落個心滿意足。


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