a word in season的中文翻譯

讀音:   用"a word in season"造句
  • 合時宜的話, 受歡迎的話
  • 合時宜的話;及時的勸告
  • word:    n. 1.單詞;〔pl.〕歌詞,臺詞 ...
  • season:    n. 1.季;季節;〔美國〕雨季。 ...
  • a word out of season:    不合時宜的話, 不受歡迎的話


  1. A word in season might have saved paterson from his own folly
  2. The lord god hath given me the tongue of the learned , that i should know how to speak a word in season to him that is weary : he wakeneth morning by morning , he wakeneth mine ear to hear as the learned
    賽50 : 4主耶和華賜我受教者的舌頭、使我知道怎樣用言語扶助疲乏的人主每早晨提醒、題醒我的耳朵、使我能聽、像受教者一樣。


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