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  1. laser interferometer applied to measuring absolute distance
  2. output power equalization of laser dual spectrum lines is a special requirement which is put on its laser source by two wavelength beat-wave absolute distance interferometry
  3. based on the analysis of the several lift running control systems, the thesis carries out a new adcm ( absolute distance control model ) running control system for lift . this system can largely improve the running performance of lift
  4. laser tracking interferometry, which is a developing absolute distance measurement technology, is extensively applied in large-scale high accuracy assembly and inspection of product lines in aerospace, automobile, machine building and water and electricity construction
  5. on the basis of analyzing the output signal of a two wavelength beat-wave absolute distance interferometer, this paper proceeds from the realities of the aiming method of the beat-wave interferometer, conducts an analytical investigations on the dependence of the aiming accuracy of the beat-wave interferometer on laser dual-line output power equilibrium, propose two new concepts-a basic aim blind area and a blind area expansion, and establishes an analytical expression between the blind area expansion and the relative power difference of laser dual lines


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