acceleration action中文

發音:   用"acceleration action"造句
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  1. The variety of pore water pressure with time during earthquake and the distribution of pore water pressure after earthquake were investigated in the dynamic analysis , and the acceleration action process of partial nodes and the shear stress variety process of partial elements were also obtained
  2. Through strength tests and xrd tests for cemented stone , the paper presents action mechanism of the nanometer materials in the cement hydration and hardening process : pozzolanic effect , filling effect , acceleration action for the cement hydration , and improving action for microstructure . from the four aspects , the modified mechanism of the nanometer silica fume and ordinary silica fume in cement paste are compared . the analysis results show that the particular properties of the nanometer silica fume include particle fineness , crystal structure and surface hydroxy , etc . a serial of laboratory tests are performed to study physical and mechanic properties of the clay with the addition of the nanometer silica fume


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