activated macrophage中文

發音:   用"activated macrophage"造句
  • activate:    vt. 1.使活動,開動,起動,觸發 ...
  • macrophage:    n. 【生物學】巨噬細胞。
  • activated:    活化的; 活躍的; 激化了的; 激活 ...
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  1. Released by activated macrophage and natural killer cells , it is a potent immuno - modulator which mediates a wide range of immune and inflammatory responses including the activation of b and t cells
  2. Previous investments have shown that chitin , chitosan or their oligosaccharides were able to stimulate immune system . either intravenously or intraperitoneal administered to mouse , these polysacca - rides or oligosaccharides were able to increase polymorphonuclear cells in blood or peritoneal exudate , and activated macrophages , t lymphocytes and nk cells of mouse
    將這些多糖、寡糖經腹腔或靜脈給予小鼠,可以使其腹腔滲出液及外周血中多型核白細胞增多,巨噬細胞、脾臟t淋巴細胞、 nk細胞等活性增強。


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