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  1. The relationship between behavior types and plasminogen activation system in patients with coronary heart disease
  2. Increased costs resulting from the management of volume activation systems is another , they say
  3. D - bus is an up - and - coming message bus and activation system that is set to achieve deep penetration in the linux desktop
    D - bus是一個大有前途的消息總線和活動系統,正開始深入地滲透到linux桌面之中。
  4. Sobriety returned later that night , when many love - drunk new owners found that the activation systems of at & t , the telecoms giant that provides wireless service for the iphone in america , were overwhelmed
    那天晚上人們清醒了,很多愛昏頭的新手機的擁有者發現at & t的激活系統癱瘓了,這個電信業巨頭為蘋果電腦在美國提供無線服務。
  5. Further , in the mouse spleen t lymphocytes activation system , it was found that , without activation by cona , there were no or extremely low level of expression of baf complex and nf1 / ctf in the spleen t lymphocytes
    進一步用小鼠t淋巴細胞活化體系的研究發現,未經cona激活的t淋巴細胞中, baf復合物和轉錄因子nf1 ctf不表達或低水平表達。


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