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  1. Catabolic gene activator protein , cap
  2. Effects of a plant activator protein on the growth and development of beet armyworm larvae
  3. It still remains a question whether the rearrangements of igh come from h / rs cell or the background lymphocytes . in this study , we have detected the igh clonal correlation between the h / rs cells and the background cells , from a new aspect to study the clonality of h / rs cell and its relation with the background cells . the expression of b - cell - specific activator protein ( bsap ) was detected in hl . igh gene rearrangements were analysed by the methods including gene analysis in neoplasms tissue and micropicked cells from paraffin - embedded sections , sequencing to test the pcr product , and in situ pcr
    本研究將在以往研究的基礎上,在國內率先把b細胞核反式作用因子? b細胞特異性激活蛋白( b - cell - specificactivatorprotein , bsap )應用于hl的研究,檢測hl的bsap表達,并采用石蠟刮片組織和微切割單細胞的基因分析、測序分析和間接原位pcr等方法,同步觀察分析h rs和背景淋巴細胞的igh基因克隆相關性,從又一個新視角探究chl的腫瘤性h rs細胞克隆性及與背景淋巴細胞的關系。


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