actual displacement中文

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  • 實際排量
  • 實際排水量
  • 實際位移
  • 有效行程


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  1. The actual displacement between any two points may be determined by drawing a scale diagram with a ruler and a protractor , or by using simple trigonometry
  2. In this paper , the actual displacement of the structure foundation under blasting vibration stimulation is calculated at first , then , the response of structure by the displacement can be worked out
  3. Therefore , by establishing controllable method of subgrade deformation and measuring ground actual displacement in exiting building , effects of subgrade deformation are well controlled and the structural safety is effectively ensured
  4. Since displacement mapping is applied to the geometry of a surface , rather than to its shading , the normals of a displaced surface must be perturbed in tandem with the actual displacement in order for things to look correct in the render
  5. First of all , using the timoshenko beam theory and the finite element method , according to lagrange equation , the dynamic models of flexible - link manipulators and those with joint and link flexibility are proposed base on actual displacement


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