additional reserve中文

發音:   用"additional reserve"造句
  • additional:    adj. 附加的,追加的,另外的。 ...
  • reserve:    vt. 1.保留;留下(以備后用、享 ...
  • in reserve:    備用, 預備
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  1. These include " digraphs " and additional reserved words
  2. The costs of finding additional reserves of oil and gas have soared , an industry study shows , adding to the malaise of international oil companies
    “鑒于增加的資本投入未能轉化為新增儲量,儲量替代成本飆升了73 % , ”一項針對200家油氣公司的研究發現。
  3. Provides an explicit layout that is visible from unmanaged code and that will have the same layout as the win32 overlapped structure with additional reserved fields at the end
    提供一種顯式布局,它在非托管代碼中可見,并將具有與win32 overlapped結構相同的布局且在結尾有附加保留的字段。
  4. As we launched the war on terrorism , we brought additional reserve component ( rc ) personnel on board to handle the increased workload . on 12 october 2001 , the deputy secretary of defense waived the fy01 10 percent headquarters manpower reduction
    布萊爾說,美國為菲律賓武裝力量( afp )提供的幫助包括“由特種部隊陸、海、空人員組成的訓練和指導小組在菲律賓武裝力量南方司令部開展訓練,并有可能深入到連隊一級” 。


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