additive quantity中文

發音:   用"additive quantity"造句
  • 相加量
  • additive:    adj. 1.附加的,增加的。 2. ...
  • quantity:    n. 1.量 (opp. quali ...
  • in quantity:    大量的; 大量地


  1. By optimizing the parameters such as the additive quantity of corn straw fibre , the content of amylum , the dosage of vesicant , the selecting of accessorial material , and the temperature of frothing , the cushion packaging material that has decompounding capability was prepared , and the factors influencing the mechanical strength of this material was analyzed by the method of static compress test
  2. Abstract : by analyzing theae factors which influence the reduction process and ferrous powder ' s quality , reduction temperature , reduction time , scale thickness and additive quantity are chosen to discuss their effect on the chemical composition and the crashed property of sponge iron


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