adjust compass中文

讀音:   用"adjust compass"造句
  • 校正羅經
  • adjust:    vt. 1.調準(望遠鏡等),對準, ...
  • compass:    n. 1.周圍;界限,區域范圍;【音 ...
  • adjust to:    (使)適應于,把...調節到; 調整 ...


  1. The ship may omit calling at any port or ports whether scheduled or not , and may call at the same port more than once ; may for matters occurring before loading the goods , known or unknown at the time of such loading and matters occurring after such loading , either with or without the goods or passengers on board , and before or after proceeding toward the port of discharge , adjust compasses , dry dock , with or without cargo aboard go on ways or to repair yards , shift berths , make trial trips or tests , take fuel or stores , remain in port , sail with or without pilots , tow and be towed , and save or attempt to save life or property ; and all of the foregoing are included in the contract voyage


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