adjustment cost中文

讀音:   用"adjustment cost"造句
  • 調整的成本
  • 理算費用
  • adjustment:    n. 1.調整;調節(裝置);校正。 ...
  • cost:    n. 1.費用;代價,價格;成本。 ...
  • cost adjustment:    成本調整


  1. Anything lower would impose very high adjustment costs in the near term and might not even be feasible , not least because of past delays in taking strong action
  2. At the same time , the assessment in allusion to adjustment cost at the generation side and interruption cost at the consumer side related to the course of active power correction has been preliminarily studied
  3. With power market being continually boosted throughout the world , some problem on the reliability worth have received broad attention and active power correction strategy of power system hi reliability worth assessment has happened new changes that the process of power correction needs come down to a series of adjustment cost rather than conventional instruction action
  4. The software has tested reliability and reliability worth indexes for composite power system on ieee 24 bus reliability test system , and compared the economic efficiency of three active power correction strategies . finally , the results indicate that the charge of active power correction strategy thinking over adjustment cost will reduce . the conclusion is consistent with expectant research
    本論文以ieeerts - 96為例進行了算例分析,并對三種有功校正策略的經濟性進行了比較,計算結果表明了考慮調節成本后的校正策略,其費用得到降低,同預期研究吻合。


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