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  • 前進陣地


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  1. His platoon was probing the enemy from an advanced position .
  2. For this crime , wi th the advanced position is executed , the ability of crime transaction should be improved
  3. With the development of acoustics and signal processing theory , as well as that of dsp and dgps technology , it is possible for us to develop more advanced positioning systems
    聲學、信號處理理論逐步成熟;電子技術,如dsp 、 dgps技術的發展,為我們提供了開發更先進的定位系統的可能。
  4. The players passing in the midfield area is the most vital part of your formation in my eyes because you need to keep possession of the ball but also know when to release the ball to someone in a more advanced position
  5. Under the situation of market - oriented economy , if an enterprise itself wants to be full of competitive and vital powers and occupy an advanced position in competitive markets , it should deal well with all kinds of public relations


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