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  • air:    n. 1.空氣,大氣。 2.天空,空 ...
  • corridor:    n. 【建筑】走廊;通路;【筑城】覆 ...
  • air corridor; air lane:    空中走廊
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  1. Here air corridor built by pavement of european wood board becomes function transition joining up two spaces of upper and lower floors
  2. 5 now , because of this precision , it is possible for planes to fly both ways down a 10 - mile air corridor , thus doubling the capacity of existing airlanes
  3. In second floor ' s esthetical living space , large area ground impact window attracts sunlight freely ; air corridor ' s unique design gives intimate exchange between a couple ; every detailed design is a scene of love intrigue plotted by the designer with meticulous love
  4. However , up to today with the development of social industrialization , especially the advance of building and building technology , the successive appearance of land three - dimensional usage such as high building , overhead railway , underground railway , air corridor , underground market , the wire of high voltage and last sewer etc . , at the same time , many problems produced by the ownership and the usage of land space also have been put forward
    土地所有權的行使及于土地的上下,土地所有權的效力“上達天宇,下及地心” 。然而,時至今日,隨著社會工業化的發展,特別是現代化土木、建筑技術的進步,高樓大廈、高架鐵路、地下鐵道、空中走廊、地下商場、高壓電線、上下水道等土地立體化利用情形陸續出現,同時,因對土地空間所有和利用所產生的諸多問題也開始被提出。


    An air corridor is a designated region of airspace that an aircraft must remain in during its transit through a given region. Air corridors are typically imposed by military or diplomatic requirements.


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