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  • 多元環
  • 交換環上的代數
  • algebra:    n. 代數學。
  • over:    短語和例子 This hat cos ...
  • field:    n. 1.原野,曠野;(海、空、冰雪 ...


  1. It is proved that every nonzero ideal in a finite - dimensional semi - simple algebra over a field is generated by an unique central idempotent
  2. A sufficient and necessary condition for determining singularity of a block circulant matrix over a quaternion division algebra over a field is given , and two algorithms for the inverse of a nonsingular block circulant matrix over the quaternion division algebra are presented
    ?給出了域上的塊循環矩陣可逆性的充要條件及其逆矩陣的算法。 ?給出了四元素可除代數上的塊循環矩陣可逆性的充要條件及其逆矩陣的兩種算法。


    In mathematics, an algebra over a field is a vector space equipped with a bilinear product. An algebra such that the product is associative and has an identity is therefore a ring that is also a vector space, and thus equipped with a field of scalars.


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