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  • 合金鋼粉末


  1. Water atomized pure iron powder and alloyed steel powder for powder metallurgy
  2. The alloyed self - propagating high - temperature synthesis technology has been investigated in this paper , by which ceramic lined compound pipes can be produced . after active carbon powder and alloy steel powder are added to the thermit , the self - propagating high - temperature synthesis reaction starts . the effect of carbon and alloy elements on the interlayer of the compound pipes has been studied
  3. The conclusions are as follows : ( 1 ) high - pressure water - atomization can be used to produce a pre - alloyed steel powder with high apparent density , high green strength , size - stability after sintering and low hydrogen - loss content ; ( 2 ) the higher smelting temperature and / or water pressure , the finer particle size of steel powders ; ( 3 ) when the atomization angle holds in a reasonable value ' s range the obtained powder will have a better particle size distribution ; ( 4 ) an optimum atomization technological parameters : liquid steel flux , water pressure and water prick angle was obtained ( 5 ) reduction variables ( temperature , holding time , material - bed ' s thickness and reducing gas flux ) have a significant effect on the particle agglomeration and properties of final powder was given ( 6 ) different alloying methods were developed to modify properties of ferrous powder materials and hence to broaden its applications in ferrous powder metallurgy industry
    本文系統研究了水霧化預合金鋼粉生產工藝及合金化方法對鐵基粉末冶金材料性能影響,詳細研究了冶煉、霧化、還原工藝參數對預合金鋼粉化學成份和物理性能影響,并得出如下結論: ( 1 )采用高壓水霧化技術可用于生產高密度、高強度、尺寸穩定性的低氫損含量的水霧化預合金鋼粉。 ( 2 )冶煉溫度越高,高壓水壓力越大,所得生粉顆粒粒度越細。 ( 3 )水錐角調整在一個適當角度范圍內可獲得粒度組成較好的生粉。
  4. It was found that active carbon powder and alloy steel powder can alter the composition and the structure of the interlayer efficiently in the technique of alloyed centrifugal - shs technology , which can manufacture compound pipes . they can change the interlayer from pure iron layer into carbon steel or alloy steel layer , then enhance the compression strength of the compound pipes


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