and conjunction中文

發音:   用"and conjunction"造句
與 連接
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  1. Rethinking on translating strategies and conjunction in translation context
  2. The types , general parameters and conjunction sizes of electrical submersible pumping equipment
  3. The development and conjunction of computer technology and modern communication technology of the 20 ( superscript th ) century changes largely the mode and methods of book acquisition
  4. Thanks to the rapid development of society and economy , the self - awareness of consumers has awakened . the protection of consumers has been well - established by legislation and administrative supervision - it is essential to review the consumptive fraud , adjustments and conjunction between dealer and consumers regarding more extensive and complicated consumers " issues
  5. This article was divided into four parts . the first three parts reviewed the tactic thoughts and practice of three leaders and the fourth part compared them . by comparing and thinking , the author tried to post the meaning and conjunction between the three thoughts so as to serve for the goals of common prosperity and building a well - off society in all - round way


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