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  • 阿武方
  • 阿野
  • 安納
  • 安濃
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  1. This precious history then . yes , i was born at so and so , anno domini -
  2. The anno domini system of reckoning years was originally based on setting year 1 as the first full year of jesus ' life
  3. Please note , due to popular demand there will be an additional screening of the film kebab connection by director anno saul
  4. Other legacies include the adoption of the cross as a symbol , the doctrine of the trinity , growth of belief in an afterlife and in the resurrection of the dead , the anno domini method of reckoning years , and celebrations at christmas and easter
  5. Stephen , in reply to a politely put query , said he didn t but launched out into praises of shakespeare s songs , at least of in or about that period , the lutenist dowland who lived in fetter lane near gerard the herbalist , who anno ludendo hausi , doulandus , an instrument he was contemplating purchasing from mr arnold dolmetsch , whom bloom did not quite recall , though the name certainly sounded familiar , for sixtyfive guineas and farnaby and son with their dux and comes conceits and byrd william , who played the virginals , he said , in the queen s chapel or anywhere else he found them and one tomkins who made toys or airs and john bull
    對于這非常文雅的提問,斯蒂芬回答說“他并沒有” 285 ,卻開始贊美起莎士比亞的至少也是那個時代及其先后時期的歌謠來了。又談起住在費特小巷離植物學家杰勒德不遠的古琵琶演奏家道蘭德我成年彈奏,道蘭德286 。他怎樣打算從阿諾德多爾梅什那兒買一把古琵琶287 ,價錢是六十五基尼。


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