apical dendrite中文

發音:   用"apical dendrite"造句
  • apical:    adj. 1.頂點的,頂端的。 2. ...
  • dendrite:    n. 1.【礦物】松樹石,樹石。 2 ...
  • arms of dendrite:    樹枝狀晶軸
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  1. The results demonstrated that the most rapid growth of the dendrites occurred during the second postnatal week and the apical dendrites more rapidly matured in branching and lengthening than the basal dendrites did
  2. Neurons p2 to p5 were diverse in both growth of the apical dendrite and generation of the evoked fpscs , and the total length and number of branches of apical dendrites were significantly longer or larger in neurons producing fpscs than in neurons producing no fpscs
    在生后2 ? 5天,錐體神經元不僅在頂樹突的發育上,而且在fpscs的產生上均呈現多樣性,且可產生突觸反應的神經元的頂樹突的總長度及分支數量均明顯長于或多于不能產生突觸反應的神經元。


    An apical dendrite is a dendrite that emerges from the apex of a pyramidal cell. Apical dendrites are one of two primary categories of dendrites, and they distinguish the pyramidal cells from spiny stellate cells in the cortices.


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