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讀音:   用"apply to customs"造句
  • 報關
  • apply:    vt. 1.運用,應用(原則),把… ...
  • custom:    n. 1.習慣,風俗;慣例,常規;【 ...
  • apply for:    申請,請求; 申請,請求得到; 申請 ...


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  1. Our company transact transportation and apply to customs and other correlative events from internal and overseas
  2. Know how to run international business and how to apply to customs , declare ciq and make a bill arrangement
  3. Is an attribute that can be applied to custom attribute definitions to control how the new attribute can be applied
  4. Supplies the following services for the customer : purchase , inspecting the quality of products complete inspecting selective inspecting , booking shipment , commodity inspection , applying to customs
  5. Our idiographic business includes : seek goods , book ship , store , transfer , container fcl and lcl , apply to customs , apply to check , insurance , land - carriage and relative inquire service


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