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  • arithmetic:    n. 1.算術,算法;計算。 2.算 ...
  • controller:    n. 1.管理人,主管人。 2.(會 ...
  • s controller:    保險認領管理員
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  1. In this paper , the auv is the object of the research . in order to overcome the negative effects of the non - linear part of kinematic model , sea current and wave during motion control , a new type of neural network : fuzzy cerebellar model arithmetic controller ( fcmac ) , together with an on - line learning scheme based on the lyapunov stability theory , has been adopted in designing the new motion control system . the simulation results have been compared with those generated by a classic pid controller
    本文以auv為對象,針對其運動控制中模型非線性部分對控制性能影響較大及有海流、海浪等外界干擾等特點,采用一種新型神經網絡:模糊小腦模型關節控制器( fuzzycerebellarmodelarithmeticcontroller )并結合基于李雅普諾夫原理而推導出的學習算法設計auv的運動控制系統,并與傳統pid控制器進行了仿真比較。


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