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  1. then they began to pass around the dusky, piquant, arlesian sausages, and lobsters in their dazzling red cuirasses, prawns of large size and brilliant color, the echinus with its prickly outside and dainty morsel within, the clovis, esteemed by the epicures of the south as more than rivalling the exquisite flavor of the oyster,-all the delicacies, in fact, that are cast up by the wash of waters on the sandy beach, and styled by the grateful fishermen " fruits of the sea .
  2. a young and beautiful girl, with hair as black as jet, her eyes as velvety as the gazelle s, was leaning with her back against the wainscot, rubbing in her slender delicately moulded fingers a bunch of heath blossoms, the flowers of which she was picking off and strewing on the floor; her arms, bare to the elbow, brown, and modelled after those of the arlesian venus, moved with a kind of restless impatience, and she tapped the earth with her arched and supple foot, so as to display the pure and full shape of her well-turned leg, in its red cotton, gray and blue clocked, stocking


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