as if is中文

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  • if:    短語和例子 If they had ...
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  1. Thus it appears as if were incapable of handling some aspects because theyre related to the mundane
  2. Pushing the door , you will find that milk walls , red sofas , glittered candlelight and light jazz music imply romanticism in every corner as if being immersed in a european town restaurant
  3. As ive mentioned before , its because the power is very strong , while the body is too weak to withstand it . when the vibrations of our bodies change too quickly , we may feel as if were sick
  4. The tears as if are predestined friends with the female , friendly lai bright eyes , if has the mist to be dim , is the quiet deep pool one blue beautiful and the enticement , lives absorbs the person soul loosely infinite
    譯文: (淚水似乎與女子有緣,善睞明眸,若有霧氣朦朧,便是幽潭一碧的美麗和誘惑,生生攝人魂魄風流無限。
  5. Methods on storage of immigration - related documents in the past years are demonstrated . by operating the microfiche reader , a visitor may have the live experience of reading aged documents as if being an immigration officer


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