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  • 聯想記憶
  • 相聯存儲器


  1. A survey of the development of external and internal fantastic mental imagery association memory
  2. Artificial neural networks ( ann ) proposes a new way for this problem because of its such advantages as parallel processing , self - adaptation , self - study , association memory , non - linear mapping , etc . thereby ann is used as fault - classifying implement in exploit ting the system
  3. And it is obvious that pseudo - relaxation is a kind of local optimization method , so it cannot guarantee to get the global optimal solution . in this paper , a novel learning algorithm eprbam evolutionary psendo - relaxation learning algorithm for bidirectional association memory employing genetic algorithm and pseudo - relaxation method is proposed to get feasible solution of bam weight matrix
  4. In order to overcome problems arisen from the application of x fluorescence analysis into complex spectrum produced by archaeological ceramic fragments with multi - element , low content and thick ground , we have employed the artificial neural network into the research of x fluorescence archaeology and conducted three kinds of research works . as the first one , we have applied the linear olam network ( optimal linear association memory network ) and the non - linear bp network ( back - propagation network ) respectively to analyze the complex x fluorescence spectrum of archaeological samples , and taken both results of spectrum analysis to compare with each other . the second , the method of pattern recognition of bp network was tentatively used to perform intelligent identification of production places of these archaeological samples


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