at choice中文

發音:   用"at choice"造句
  • choice:    n. 1.選擇;挑選;選擇力,選擇權 ...
  • be choice of:    好挑剔的
  • by choice:    出于選擇; 處于選擇
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  1. When presented with any circumstance , one is always at choice
  2. The dignity value of victim has been hardly forgot or neglected , the balance between defence and prosecution in form leads to the unbalance between defence and prosecution in essence , no special agency protects the benefit of the victim , while the victim isn " t at choice , his right of action should be identical to his status , so the dignity value of man , the balance between defence and prosecution in essence , protecting special benefit and integrated right of criminal victim
  3. Then the cause and the cost - effective of asset appraisal standard setting as well as the anticipated interests of the standard setter are analyzed . the conclusions are : ( 1 ) the basic reason of the asset appraisal standard setting is the separation of the information provider from the user and many appraisal conventions at choice in the meantime ; ( 2 ) the high cost and the lack of motivation for the standard is a kind of public goods to some extent may explain why the asset appraisal standard - setting progress is so slowly in our country ; ( 3 ) the scientific and relatively feasible model is taking an ngo which entrusted by government as the standard setter , and what is more , the current competitive situation should be kept ; ( 4 ) the principle of users having priority must be insisted in standard setting , and the two standard - setting approaches : preference aggregational standard - setting approach and theory - based standard - setting approach can combine organically , that is , the standard - setting is guided with the theory based on e mpirical researches
    同時以制度變遷理論和公共選擇理論為理論依據分析了資產評估準則制定的動因和成本效益以及準則制定主體的利益預期,提出了以下觀點: ( 1 )制定準則的根本原因是評估信息提供者和使用者的分離,以及評估慣例和方法的可選擇性; ( 2 )由于準則制定是有成本的,而準則從某種程度上是一種公共物品,因而準則的制定者缺乏動力去發起準則變遷,因此我國資產評估準則制定較為緩慢; ( 3 )政府委托民間機構制定準則應是較科學的也是較可行的一種模式,并且應該保留準則制定機構的競爭現狀; ( 4 )在準則制定過程中,應堅持用戶優先的原則,將兩種準則的構建方法? ?偏好集合法和理論導向法有機結合起來,即以實證的方式構建理論,用此理論來指導準則的制定。
  4. In the paper , the protocol adopt special route optimize algorithm and tdma time slot assigning algorithm , make node enter low consumption or sleep state in order to reduce the consumption ; aiming at choice the mechanism of cluster head , multi - hop routing and the mechanism of mac , the existing leach protocol is improved
    本文的網絡協議是采用特殊的路由優化算法和tdma時隙分配算法,使節點進入低功耗或睡眠狀態以降低功耗。協議主要在簇頭的選擇機制、多跳路由、 mac層通信機制等方面,對已有的leach協議進行了改進。


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