at the count of的中文翻譯

讀音:   用"at the count of"造句
  • 數到時
  • count:    n. (英國以外的)伯爵〔英國叫 e ...
  • by count:    按數裝填
  • count:    vt. 1.計數,計算,列舉,清點。 ...


  1. An unexpected incident , in the affair of murder and theft at the count of monte cristo s , in which he nearly fell a victim , deprives us of the pleasure of seeing m . de villefort .
    一件意想不到的事情,就是為了上次基督山伯爵幾乎險遭不測的那件謀殺案和偷竊案,竟使我們不能讓維爾福先生來這兒觀禮。 ”
  2. Monte cristo gave his hat , cane , and gloves to the same french footman who had called his carriage at the count of morcerf s , and then he passed into the small salon , preceded by bertuccio , who showed him the way


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