at wholesale price中文

發音:   用"at wholesale price"造句
  • 批發價
  • wholesale:    adj. 1.批發的,躉賣的。 2. ...
  • price:    n. 1.價格,價錢;市價;代價;費 ...
  • wholesale price:    目的港; 批發價 來源:阿里巴 ...


  1. We sell direct to the public at wholesale prices
  2. Fortunately , a sister was able to obtain 250 sweatshirts at wholesale prices , which saved local initiates much expense
  3. Many overseas visitors may not be familiar with this street , but it is full of beautiful dresses for sale at wholesale prices
  4. Adelaide cellar door represents over 25 wineries in australia and sells top quality wines at wholesale prices
  5. The company has more than thirty branch offices all over sri lanka , and general manager g . d . ratnapala offered his staff s full support in the relief operation . the initiates and the finance company staff then held meetings to discuss ways of efficiently providing aid to the victims , and workers were mobilized to determine the extent of damage in various communities . the finance company staff members also helped in purchasing medical supplies , potable water and other relief provisions at wholesale prices , leaving the initiates truly amazed at master s incredible power
    該公司擁有30多處分支機構,遍布斯里蘭卡,總經理瑞特納帕拉先生g . d . ratnapala非常支持同修的救援行動,他們不僅開會討論如何幫助自己的同胞,并發動各地員工打探災情,幫忙尋找飲用水制藥及醫療廠商,因此能以批發價格進貨,讓同修驚訝于師父不可思議的力量。


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