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  • 基極引出端
  • 基極引線


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  1. The output and input of the program occurs through a text - based terminal window
  2. The second chapter introduces the details of remote desktop protocol rdp and windows based terminal service ' s vvorking flow
    其次,詳細介紹了遠程桌面協議( rdp ) 、 windows終端服務的工作流程。
  3. The paper presents in detail the author ' s research on the area of windows based terminal ( wbt ) based on embedded linux operating system during the master degree paper research
  4. The last chapter analyses windows based terminars market situation and vocational applications , and gives out a series of windows based terminal system ' s vocational application schemes
  5. The research on windows based terminal introduced in the paper , is a successful application of mircosoft ' s rdp technology and embedded linux operating system . i believe it will play a great role when solving related problems in the future


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