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  1. A very direct experimental test can tell whether a superconductor is following the bcs theory
  2. Physicists refer to this conventional model as the bcs theory , after the scientists who worked out the mathematics in 1957
    物理學家以1957年時想出其數學結構的科學家命名,把這個傳統的模型稱為巴丁?古柏?施里弗理論( bcs理論) 。
  3. The fact that the shift in tc was a little larger than the simple prediction can be accommodated by bcs theory ? it indicates that the boron vibrations are more important to the superconductivity than the magnesium vibrations [ see box on page 87 ]
    雖然這個溫度偏移比理論值稍微大了一點,不過還是符合bcs理論的結果:在影響硼化鎂超導性的因素中,硼的振動比鎂的振動更重要(參見107頁結構與鍵結) 。
  4. The entropy or number of states of system or subsystem are closely related to interaction of particles and energy level distribution , therefore , to study the temperature dependence of the specific heat may supply some important and useful microscopic information which may play an important role in understanding electronic structure , density of state , phonon spectrum etc . the specific heat measurements at low temperatures also play important roles in the finding of the third law of thermodynamics , the quantum theory of solid and bcs theory for superconducting etc . moreover , specific heat measurements help us to understand the different kinds of phase transitions ( such as : structural phase transition , magnetic phase transition , superconducting phase transition etc . ) and the scaling behavior near the critical point


    BCS theory, proposed by John Bardeen, Leon Neil Cooper, and John Robert Schrieffer (BCS) in 1957, is the first microscopic theory of superconductivity since its discovery in 1911. The theory describes superconductivity as a microscopic effect caused by a condensation of Cooper pairs into a boson-like state.


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