be at the helm中文

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  • helm:    n. 頭盔。 vt. 給…戴上頭盔。 ...
  • helm:    n. 1.【造船】舵柄;舵輪;舵機。 ...
  • a captains helm:    首領頭盔
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  1. Parliament waived term limits for the 66 - year - old president , who has already been at the helm for 17 years
  2. Ban is the former south korean foreign minister , and he has been at the helm of the united nations for just seven months
  3. El segundo ? it ' s been a long strange trip for phil jackson as lakers coach even though he ' s only been at the helm for seven seasons
  4. She discusses eric raymond s ideas , the famous " back door " in microsoft s frontpage , the concept of peer review , and the open source dilemma that no one is at the helm guaranteeing that everything will be checked
    她論述了eric raymond的觀點、 microsoft的frontpage中著名的后門、同級評審的概念以及開放源碼所處的兩難境地:沒有人能擔保將檢查所有的一切。
  5. It is a promise that , come prosperity or come trouble , come plenty or come poverty , come health or come sickness , come honour or come reproach , come the couch of ease or the bed of thorns , come weal or come woe - come what may , if we are called according to his purpose , he will be at the helm , to make all things work together for our ultimate good


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