be beginning to do中文

發音:   用"be beginning to do"造句
  • 將開始做
  • beginning:    n. 1.初,當初;開始,端緒,發端 ...
  • do:    n. 【音樂】(全音階的)第一音, ...
  • at the beginning:    開端部分; 開始時; 開頭部分; 起 ...


  1. If we are on the right side of the volatility expansion it may not be wise to reduce our position size just as the trade is beginning to do what we hoped for
  2. China would like its industries to move up the technological value - added ladder , and they are beginning to do so in computer technology , biotechnology and other fields
    韋恩說: “中國希望國內產業的技術附加值步步提升,他們已在電腦技術、生物技術等領域著手努力。
  3. The threat today requires a new era of cooperation . and if - as we are beginning to do - we can work to eliminate safe havens for criminal fugitives and their money and improve law enforcement and drug control cooperation among nations , we can make great progress


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