be better of的中文翻譯

讀音:   用"be better of"造句
  • (感覺)會好一些
  • 處境更好;情況轉好
  • 情況轉好
  • better:    n. 打賭的人。
  • at or better:    按指定或較佳價位〔買賣指令; 見證條 ...
  • be better:    更好些


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  1. Blue is best of all my love ! and second is pink and purple , especially is lavender
  2. Be better of
  3. Match structure : the default setting is for a single game . also availalble are best of three games and best of five games
  4. Oil and butter based on vegetables are to be preferred but olive oil is best of course and you can fry everything in it
    據精品購物指南生活周刊報道( 2005年8月18日星期四) ,標題名為:迷戀“橄欖油之花” 。
  5. Mark : because usually it is best of three sets , sometimes it ' s best of five , and you have to win six games to win one set , and also every game , you have to win four baslls . that is why it takes so long


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