be continuous with的中文翻譯

讀音:   用"be continuous with"造句
  • 與...相連, 是...的延續部分


  1. In contrast , an inline element is continuous with the words around it , but it is marked by a different font , color , hyperlink , and so on
  2. We define generalized scott topology on an l - fuzzy domain , prove that it is a generalization of scott topology on ordinary domain , and an l - fuzzy monotone mapping is an l - fuzzy scott continuous mapping if and only if it is continuous with respect to the generalized scott topologies , which means that topological continuity is identical to limit continuity
    在l - fuzzydomain上定義廣義scott拓撲,證明了它是通常domain上的scott拓撲的推廣,并且滿足拓撲連續與極限連續一致,即一個l - fuzzy單調映射是l - fuzzyscott連續映射當且僅當它關于其上的廣義scott拓撲連續。
  3. In this dissertation , some basic investigations on the bem of 3d elastic contact problem have been carried out , which can be listed as follows : at first , an early investigation of authors " group , on direct error estimation of bem solution for elasticity problem , is extended from 2d problem to 3d elastic contact problem . an accurate and efficient algorithm for the determination of boundary displacement , which is continuous with the displacement solution within the domain of an elastic body , is then presented


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