be deaf and blind中文

發音:   用"be deaf and blind"造句
  • deaf:    adj. 1.聾。 2.不聽的;不理 ...
  • blind:    adj. 1.盲,瞎,失明的;供盲人 ...
  • deaf and blind:    眼瞎耳聾
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  1. Do you know how man can be so obsessed by love that they are deaf and blind to everything else in the world ?
  2. A man in that position is deaf and blind to everything else
  3. However , if we are deaf and blind to the imbalance between the rich and poor on the way to it and do n ' t take effective measure to solve the problems , big social issue will come up and even our dream of common prosperity will vanish soon . therefore , the settlement to the contradictions between common prosperity and imbalance has drawn more and more attention , for it is an important issue needing immediate action in the reality


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