be in a storm中文

發音:   用"be in a storm"造句
激動, 惶惑
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  1. Mrs parley said she left they were in a storm
  2. Maybe you feel like that today . maybe you feel as though you are in a storm , you have already jumped overboard and you are facing the challenges of health , and finances , and struggling with relationship problems with a spouse , or a child or a parent
  3. After this i went on board ; but the first sight i met with , was two men drown d , in the cookroom , or forecastle of the ship , with their arms fast about one another : i concluded , as is indeed probable , that when the ship struck , it being in a storm , the sea broke so high , and so continually over her , that the men were not able to bear it , and were strangled with the constant rushing in of the water , as much as if they had been under water


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