be the worse for中文

發音:   用"be the worse for"造句
因...而更壞, 更糟, 因...而受影響
  • worse:    adj. 〔bad, ill 的比較 ...
  • at worse:    最差的估計
  • worse and worse:    越來越差, 每況愈下; 越來越遭;越 ...
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  1. Don't argue or it will be the worse for you .
  2. Had edgar never gathered our conversation , he would never have been the worse for it
  3. And eli said to her , how long are you going to be the worse for drink ? put away the effects of your wine from you
  4. Itll be the worse for you , if you dont . bogdanitch doesnt forget things ; hell make you pay for your obstinacy , said kirsten
    波格丹內奇愛記舊仇,您因固執己見是會受到懲罰的。 ”
  5. For when you take your food , everyone takes his meal before the other ; and one has not enough food , and another is the worse for drink


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