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  • 披頭士熱〔崇拜“披頭士”樂隊的狂熱〕。


  1. It became an instant hit , staying at no . 1 in britain for 30 weeks and by october , female fans were screaming at their performances - the start of " beatlemania .
    Paul能記住所有的歌詞,使john非常驚訝,而這個15歲男孩在吉它上表現出的技巧是所有“ quarry men ”成員都還沒有掌握的。
  2. Following a landmark three - weekend stint on the ed sullivan show in february of 1964 viewed by over 73 million people , the beatles were the biggest band in america - " beatlemania " had taken hold of the u . s . , also paving the way for other " british invasion " groups
    1959年,他們把樂隊的名字改為“ silver beatles ”這時他們遇到了一大問題-樂隊沒有鼓手。喬治哈里森說他認識一個從俱樂部出來的家伙。他就是pete best于是他也加入了樂隊。


    Beatlemania is a term that originated during the 1960s to describe the intense fan frenzy directed toward British pop rock band The Beatles during the early years of their success. The word is similar to the much earlier term Lisztomania, used to describe fan reaction to the concerts of pianist Franz Liszt.


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