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讀音:   用"bloom into"造句
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  • bloom:    n. 【冶金】大鋼坯,鋼錠;鐵塊,鋼 ...
  • into:    短語和例子 be into sb. ...
  • bloom:    n. 1.花〔特指觀賞植物的花〕;開 ...


  1. In a sense our love is like a rose that blooms into something beautiful , yet unlike the rose our love will never die
  2. To understand life , consider the case of something that is living : a germinating seed . the seed grows by itself into a tree , blooms into flowers , and then the flowers become fruit
  3. Learn from them and grow from them , like flowers that grow from bad , foul , smelly , filthy fertilizer and bloom into beautiful presentations for everyone to enjoy . and this is how we can stop war , fighting , struggle and trouble
  4. We have the chance everywhere , but we shoud wait for the right time . maybe in the article the mum did the right just because she shoud make her daughter ' s innocent trust bloom into faith , but i don ' t understand why othes did that


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