board a vessel中文

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  • 上船,乘船,搭船


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  1. a crew visa is used by individuals serving in any capacity on board a vessel or aircraft
  2. the court heard that at 6.15 pm on february 12, 2004, the five men on board a vessel were intercepted by marine police at sea one nautical mile south of waglan island on their way towards the border area of the southern hong kong
  3. the court heard that at about 10.30 am on march 13, 2004, two men on board a vessel were intercepted by marine police at sea three nautical miles off tai long tsui . fourteen uprooted buddhist pine trees were found on the vessel . further enquiries revealed that they were illegal immigrants
  4. police today ( march 28 ) appealed to anyone who has information on a us $ 682, 600 robbery which occurred in a ferry pier in tai kok tsui yesterday ( march 27 ) to come forward . enquiries revealed that after transactions of gold on board a vessel off lamma island, a korean businessman, aged 57, carrying the sales proceeds amounting to us $ 682, 600 in a carton box disembarked a fishing boat at a ferry pier near the hoi fai road roundabout last night
  5. it is learnt that the legal aid department had delayed processing a case involving a claim for damages in respect of the accidental death of a crew member on board a vessel, and was also mistaken about the particulars of the defendant s fleet, resulting in the plaintiff not being able to file a successful claim for damages


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