by ordinary mail中文

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  • 寄平信
  • ordinary:    adj. 1.普通的,平常的,正常的 ...
  • mail:    n. 1.郵政;郵袋;〔the ma ...
  • ordinary mail:    平常郵件; 平信; 平郵


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  1. 1 please send these by ordinary mail
  2. How did you send the letter , by airmail or by ordinary mail
  3. No documents or other material and objects classified as state secrets shall be transmitted by ordinary mail
  4. Note : the pin issued to the above two requests will be sent to the policyowner ' s registered address by ordinary mail
    注:以上兩項申請所發出的個人密碼( pin )將會以平郵寄往保單持有人之登記地址。
  5. 13 . 1 tdc may give notice to you by means of a general notice on tdclink , or by ordinary mail to your address , by facsimile to your facsimile number or by electronic mail to your electronic mail address on tdc s record
    通知13 . 1貿發局向閣下發出通知的方式可以是在貿發靈上登出一則一般通知,或將通知以普通郵件寄往閣下的地址、按閣下的傳真號碼發出傳真或按貿發局記錄的閣下的電子郵件地址發出電郵。


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