by the deep中文

發音:   用"by the deep"造句
  • deep:    adj. 1.深的;深處的;…深的, ...
  • deep in:    埋頭于
  • in deep:    卷入很深無法擺脫
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  1. Finding my apprehensions unfounded , however , and calmed by the deep silence that reigned as evening declined at nightfall , i took confidence
  2. The formation of shallower pools is restricted by the deeper source with immigration channel of a fault to the targets that occur mainly in the traps related to the fault
  3. But his short rotation and close - to - the - vest style did nothing to prepare the team for the playoffs and the rockets were eventually swallowed up by the deeper , more versatile jazz
  4. In this case the water quality objectives referred to are those recommended by the deep bay report ( 1992 ) which have been endorsed under the hong kong - guangdong environmental protection liaison group
    這里所使用的水質指標是指后海灣報告( 1992年)所建議的指標,這項建議已獲粵港環境保護聯絡小組通過。
  5. From social practice , people ’ s various interests often mingle with each other by the deep and complicate social communication . one ’ s interests always refer to the guarantee and the realization of another ’ s


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