by the medium of中文

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  • 以...為媒介


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  1. The television culture is the popular culture by the media of tv , and it is a new culture style which follows the press culture ' s and the broadcasting culture ' s footsteps
  2. For example , the premature publication by the media of an official report concerning relations between hong kong and beijing that causes embarrassment but no damage would not be an offence
  3. " bless me , " murmured baron danglars , " this must surely be a prince instead of a count by their styling him excellency , and only venturing to address him by the medium of his valet de chambre
    “噢! ”男爵說道, “那么這位先生一定是一位親王了,他必須被稱為大人,除了他的跟班以外誰都無法近他的身。
  4. It anatomizes pci bus and scsi bus character , designs high speed data collection card based on pci bus by thorough analyzing work process and application means of pci protocol transition chip , designs collection storage system hard ware by the medium of two scsi hd . it analyses windows2000 kernel and wdm drive model , compiles drive program based on dma , realizes data high speed collection
  5. In the third part , by the medium of questionnaires and interviews with edm including those studying in the campus and those having graduated , the author chiefly finds out the condition of environmental construction of school modern educational technology in their own regions and the situation of their mastering and using modem educational technology before and after their enrollments . on the basis of this , the author pertinently probes into the ways to cultivate and develop edm on fundamental theories and methods of modem educational technologies , even into the existing technological problems and countenneasures against these problems


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